Frequent Asked Questions

What does “all inclusive” mean?

“All Inclusive” means you pay one bill for your utilities—electric, cable, and internet—and for your rent so you don’t have to set up your accounts. It’s included in your rent! 

Is there transportation to campus?

We are located a 2-minute walk away from the Georgia Tech Trolley stop at Publix Supermarket. We are close enough to campus that many residents ride their bikes or walk to class, too. We are just one block away from the Midtown MARTA station.

How long are your leases? Are short term leases available?

All of our leases are 12 installments and run between 08/15/2017 and 07/31/2018. We do not currently offer short term leases, but many residents choose to sublet their apartments if they are not able to stay with us the full lease term. 

What is a guarantor? Is there additional paperwork required?

A guarantor is someone responsible for paying rent if you cannot. They will need to fill out our “Guarantor Form,” which is only one page and will need to be notarized if it is not signed in the office. A guarantor must have a social security number and reside in the United States.

Do I have to pay a security deposit?

Our leases require a guarantor. However, if you cannot find someone as a co-signer (see our website for required qualifications), you can pay a security deposit equal to the cost of one and half months of rent. The deposit is due within 7 days of signing the lease and must be paid in full.

What is roommate matching?

100 Midtown offers roommate matching for anyone who does not sign with roommates. Each resident is asked to complete a matching card to better assist us in the process. The cards ask about specific study habits, hobbies, sleep habits, year in school, location preferences throughout the community and many other details.

What does individual lease mean?

An individual Lease means you are only responsible for your rent and bedroom, with a shared responsibility of the common area. So if a roommate transfers to a different unit or moves out, you don’t have to worry about a thing! Your rent will not go up and you will have no liability for the other person!

What documentation do I need if I don’t have a Social Security Number?

If you do not have a Social Security Number, then you are required to turn in an I-20, which is generally given out by the University. We also ask to see your Passport.

Where are the closest shops/food stores/restaurants?

There is a Publix grocery store just one block away, but there are many restaurant options nearby in Midtown. Technology Square is just a short walk from 100 Midtown and features a number of restaurants and shops. 

Do you allow pets?

No, pets are not allowed on premises. 

Is smoking allowed in the apartments?

Smoking is not permitted in your apartment, hallways, or common spaces inside the building at 100 Midtown. However, 100 Midtown has an outdoor patio with plenty of seating if you do smoke.

Can Financial Aid cover rent?

Unfortunately, we do not defer rent because of financial aid. The first installment of rent is due July 15, 2017 with the following installments due on the first of the month beginning September 1, 2017. You can pay rent in advance at any time if you use financial aid to avoid being late.

When is rent due? Do you send me a bill? How can I pay?

Rent is due on the 1st of every month. We do not send a bill to remind you prior to the first. However, you can check your balance on our website, under the “resident portal”. It can be paid online via a credit card or e-check, or in person at the office with check or money order. 

Can I fill out all the paperwork online? 

We can take you through the process from start to finish online if you wish. From application to lease signing, we make the process as easy as possible for you to complete from anywhere.